Soul Code Discovery

by Author of 42 Books and Films, Shahin D Jedian

We provide:

Soul Code Discovery Through your Name and Cosmic Code.

Ancient Sefer Yetzirah Authentic Growth and Healing Codes is extracted From the Original Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian Healing Chambers.

We Combine:

Hypnotherapy and Advanced Neuro-Tech Rewiring for the Mind and Heart. It involves Coaching for Personal Development, Self Love, Relationship and Career Success.


Rewiring our Brain and Clearing the Heart Center through Ancient Frequencies is a Fundamental Focus at Soul Code Discovery Center.


More Features:

Kabalistic Astrology

Kabalistic Touch and Remote Healing

Ancestral Healing

Soul Code 7 Zone Trigger Point Healing

Past and Future Life Regression and Progressions

Constellation Family Dynamic Healing

Popular Books and Courses by Author Shahin Jedian Include:

42 Seeds to Bend Reality

Divine Prescription for Life

Divine Prescription for Sex

Divine Prescription for Money

Immunity Codes

Lose Attraction to Chaos and Attract Meaningful Celebrity Status

Healing Mental Chatter and OCD Release

Hall of Reflective Healing Regression Guided Neuro Tech

Brain’s User Manual Book and Course

Become Innocent Again

Aliyah Elevation Healing Course

Kiss of Bliss Reality

Breath Codes

Future Self

Rewire for Lasting Love

Super Power

Sleep Sanctuary

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Begin laying the Foundation Stones and

Multidimensional Pillars with Shahin D.

Jedian. Shahin is an internationally respected Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author/ Producer of over 50 self-help books, Home Study Programs and Spiritual (self)

development CD’s and MP3’s.

Shahin is the physical and Spiritual

Descendant of Temple of Solomon and has

been gifted the ability to help you explore

your Soul Code Name, Mission and Name

your Brand through Ancient wisdom for

Modern times. He decodes the ancient 3000

year old Aramaic , Egyptian and Hebrew Codes within seconds in front of your eyes to explore your Life Path and major hindrances to avoid.

He is the first ever creator of Kabalistic Reiki

Manual which goes back to The ancient mystics as they healed.

Shahin has shared the stage with Jack Canfield of Chicken soup for the soul and many celebrities to create healing and bussiness branding for abundance. He has advised companies like US Bank, Weebly , the Hiltons, and Square for future growth.

You are an infinite being that holds infinite

power – you are magic at its finest. Anything

you wish and anything you ask for is placed

in the field of infinite possibility. At this Divine

Unleashing, you shall imagine your wildest

dreams and uninhibitedly dance with life to anchor it in.

Poof! It’s done! The time is Now to Own Who

You Are by Manifesting it.

As you Join Author Shahin David Jedian and

Team, the Spiritual Guide,

to up-level and amplify your life with more

JOY! , you will Drink organic Kiss of Bliss

spirit elixirs and enjoy the highest quality of

energy work. Then, enter into a creative bliss journey – a fresh, raw, sexy, earthy, happy,

and Divine Bliss …

UNLEASH your untamed wild to quench

your soul’s excitement. This will help you to

avoid your attraction to chaos and invite your

Divine Bliss.

In these connections we enjoy powerful breath codes oriented meditations with Author and Healer Shahin Jedian.