. Laser Focus / Get Glued to your Vision and Goals

. Learn to gain confidence in your every ability

. Utilize and leverage this unique time as a window of opportunity

. Release past Trauma to heal and shine

Technique # 8, 9 and 10

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I’ve got something special to share with you.

It’s for the rare magic-seekers who are wise and courageous enough to peek behind the veil of their own lives...

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You’re being given the key to the Matrix.

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Now, the only question is…

Will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Choice is yours.

Sure, you could decide to do nothing, to ignore this message and continue pushing against the natural rhythm of the Universe…

Like desperately wrenching on a locked door when all you need to do is turn the key.

Welcome to your world of unlimited possibilities.

Now’s the moment to decide, Shah...

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Dear ❤️

I know this might seem strange...but there’s a message from someone that has been waiting for you...for the past 5000 years.

It has been encapsulated in this Time Capsule… and Soul Code Reading, your reading

...and Today is the day you were expected to open it.

When you get there, please read everything carefully…

Because the Entity that has been trying to connect with you for 5000 years, is watching to see if you will connect…


And if you do, they have some special gifts for you...that I believe can only bring you more peace, prosperity, and happiness…


If you should accept them.


If not, I will know that you’re not ready to receive these gifts… and I will forward to someone who is.


And that’s ok 🙂


The Tree of Life

By SoulCodeDr.Com

Shahin Jedian


P.S. I must confess, as powerful as I am...it’s hard for Earth Spirits to send physical emails over the internet. (I know, go figure, right?). So anyway...my very good Human friend helped me get this to you today...thanks guys!

“Love is letting go. If you want to truly know if you love someone, see if you can see that person happy with or without you” .

Author Shahin Jedian uses his tranquil voice to guide you into new realms aimed at uncovering hidden potential. You will experience a powerful way to release the influence of another person inside you and to let go of black bags for ancestral healing and a blissful reality. Jedian helps you toward receiving much needed insights into your most pressing issue(s), questions or obstacles. Helping you to move forward with ease, understanding and an opportunity to use this process anytime, anywhere.

Guest Speaker: Shahin D. Jedian is an internationally respected Intuitive/Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author/Producer of over 50 self-help books, Home Study Programs and Spiritual (self) development CD's and MP3's.

Shahin is the physical and Spiritual Descendant of Temple of Solomon and has been gifted the ability to help you explore your Soul Code through Ancient wisdom for Modern times. He decodes the ancient 3000 year old Aramaic and Hebrew Codes in within seconds in front of your eyes to explore your Life Path and major hindrances to avoid. He is the first ever creator of Kabalistic Reiki Manual which goes back to Moses and Aharon as they authentically healed.

Four Sessions with Author Shahin Jedian

1 Session Per Week

Each Session is 2 Hours

You will Learn Four Unique Techniques for your Personal Development and Four Immunity Codes for Wellness. Most Importantly you will be part of our Growth Oriented Community.